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The Whymap was conceived by Luciano Rizzo, MD. For many years the Author has been interested in Dentistry and Posture, Food Intolerances, Homeopathy and Herbal Therapy; more recently, in Neuro Emotional Integration, Kinesiology, Acuenergetics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The Author has run the website www.biospazio.it for five years. He is the author of “ I Segreti del Subconscio” and ”La Dieta Top Energy” (only in italian), published by “Il Punto d’Incontro”. Recently he has published “Il Gioco del Drago” and “Whymap: la vita in un diagramma”. They are under translate in english with the ttle: “ The dragoon play” and “Whymap, the life in a diagram”.

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