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You will never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, you construct a new model which renders reality obsolete (Buckminster Fuller)

Humanity has always looked at itself through the stained glass of beliefs and illusions based on “I am”, on our personal interest, on separating rather than sharing, on competing. These values are proving themselves to be ineffective, inefficient, and horribly destructive for our health, our happiness, and the planet that is our home.

The Whymap represents a very different outlook. In a Whymap all the elements, all the aspects of the life that surrounds us are taken into consideration. Everything around us is important, because everything influences us. This new way of seeing things then manifests itself through the creation of specific maps for our personal plans.

But you don’t have to make a map to be a Whymap associate. What is necessary, all things considered, is to have understood the underlying philosophy, namely that by our actions we avoid causing pain to others and damaging the environment, which means harming ourselves. Once understood that the maximum efficiency is to be found only in the upper right quadrant, where we act for the good of everyone, we realise that not only egotism, but also altruism, are scarcely efficient behaviour patterns. They are values that simply don’t work.

There’s a great deal of talk about values as something missing, something desperately needed. Everyone agrees to the need for values, but no one knows clearly what is meant by positive values and why they must be pursued.

The Whymap remedies this lack. It shows us mathematically what are the real values our society needs, what their importance is. It explains to us that true values are collaboration and efficiency and that these are obtained only in the Blue Quadrant area, which accordingly becomes the objective of our every action – a necessary rule for everyone. This is why the Whymap is useful for all of us.

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