The efficiency line

Efficiency is the ratio between commitment and benefit obtained. The better the result, the higher the efficiency. To obtain a result quicker entails less effort and therefore major efficiency.

Looking at a Whymap one can easily guess that 100% efficiency in any project will be obtained where the highest percentage of good is done to both ourselves and to others and 100% inefficiency where the greatest harm is done ourselves us and to others. In the centre we will have an area where neither good or harm is done to anyone, therefore efficiency of the system will be nil.

Joining these three points creates the Efficiency Line. This line is very important because projecting onto it whatever result is found on the Whymap we get an idea of the impact our actions will have on the system in which we live.

Of course we must create projects that aim at the highest efficiency, therefore these will lie in the Blue Quadrant, which is something that is not always easy. But using creativity we can always increase our efficiency.

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