Modern life offers opportunities and chances like  never before, but are we able to grasp them? Implicit in this question is one of the most serious problems that we all face every day of our lives: how to make effective decisions that will bring us the greatest advantage (consistent) with the least waste of energy. Our actions depend on many factors: first of all, on how our minds work. Let’s take a look, then, at how we make our choices. Every decision is triggered off by  a set of basic data, by which we draw conclusions, and these  set us off. So two things are fundamental:

- Having enough starting information.

- Processing it correctly.

Considering the first point, we no doubt live in a fortunate age: nowadays, with information and data of every kind just a click away, you just have to hit the right key. But the second point is more difficult. Having ideas and information is no use if we don’t know how to use them properly. At this point we consult

Our aim is to make the best use of the resources we possess; to do this we use a general frame, a diagram which helps us to assess everything we need in order to draw the best conclusions. With the Whymap we can calculate the effects that any plan of ours might have, whether personal, familial, social, environmental and so on. And we can correct our action before making gross assessment errors.

Analysing the consequences of our plans is something we do normally, you would think; and yet it is not so. Reliable neuro-scientific research shows us that we make the majority of our choices under the influence of emotion, not logic.

This is because our personalities are not stable but in continuous fluctuation, at the mercy of thoughts and emotions. It’s a relentless tide. How many thoughts a day alternate in our minds? How many emotions embroil us? Tens of thousands.

How is it that we are subjected to this incessant mental activity? It’s because the Ego (the part of our mind that processes emotions and memories), like everything else in the Universe, seeks to survive, and to do so must continuously experience emotions. Emotions, the haphazard flow of ideas, hopes for the future, regrets for the past, all have but one function: to keep us detached from reality. Reality, the present, is bad for the Ego, it cancels it, destroys it. And so the Ego projects us into its inner world.

But the present is the only situation in our lives where we are genuine, where we are ourselves, where we are really happy. Where we are capable  of following the flow of continuous change that pervades the Universe at every moment. Where we are able to make efficient decisions.

Man has always had to fight against the emotional part of his mind, because the Ego follows its own laws and not ours: it enlightens the easiest and shortest road to take, minimises the negative aspects of our actions, or rather does not weigh up those aspects of a problem which at the time seems to be of little importance, yet which very often make all the difference between failure and success.

The Whymap wards off  these drawbacks by making us put down in black and white the elements that make up a problem. This way our judgements are influenced to a far lesser extent by our emotions, and our consciousness increases. This innovative analysis brings enormous advantages: we can explore our relationship with others, improve our empathy with our neighbour, push ourselves towards sharing rather than competing. We can weigh up our actions detachedly and can introduce creative changes.

By using it, instead of following the direction we want we take the direction hat is more effective – a subtle difference, but fundamental to our happiness.

In other words, the Whymap helps us to do what is most important for each one of us: to shed light on the best in life.

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