Descriptive maps and planning maps

On this site we can make up two types of Whymaps: descriptive or planning.

A descriptive Whymap shows a particular situation which interests us. It takes note of what currently exists, and tells us how effcient it is.

A planning Whymap puts together potential theoretical data. It takes all the elements, that make up our idea, it makes us assess them in their entirety and then gives us an answer. It doesn’t assess a real situation but something we want to realise. In this case, weighing up the strong points and the weak points, we can see if we are on the right track, if the plan is successful – but above all, if it is efficient, if we are doing something good.

If the answer is not satisfactory, we can work out which of these points we should work on in order to best complete the plan, or what new arguments we can consider so as to move in the direction of the best zone of the Whymap, namely that of the greatest efficiency. This is an important innovation: the Whymap makes us consider things globally, and in so doing makes us far more creative.

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