What the Whymap is

The Whymap is a new way of applying an old concept: the diagram. Created by Descartes in 1600, the diagram very soon became one of the pillars of modern mathematics. Since then it has been used in all scientific fields. Generations of engineers, researchers and professionals would have had to work a hundred times harder without its help.

Incredibly, despite the enormous advantages it provides in the assessing of any project, it is not used in daily life. Everyone studies it at school, and then forgets all about it.  Here, then is the first innovation: to apply this really simple and effective resource in our daily lives, in our every choice.

The second new aspect is the use of this “technology” for social ends. There are billions of diagrams that refer to economics, mathematics or physics, but very few deal with social issues. And none of them (to our knowledge) speak of social efficiency. The introduction of the concept of a project’s efficiency changes our view of the world completely.

The third new aspect concerns the possibility of including in the Whymap non-material concepts and situations that aim at producing the result. This is so because the human being is not made of solid matter alone but, of both positive and negative emotions. These can become factors that relate to the Whymap and therefore can be evaluated by scoring. Thus, the result will be clearer and in line with our wishes.

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