The Whymap has great importance at the social level, because it identifies the exact location of all the values of our civilisation, both negative and positive. Values like altruism, collaboration, friendship, love or, negatively, racism, egoism, greed are anyway a question of relations between us and others, between us and the environment. The Whymap, by relating us with whatever external subject, enables us to assess the efficacy of every human strategy, of every behaviour –  social, economic, or cultural.

Clearly required, though, are facts, experiences, observations that support the theories the Whymap implies. And then examples, too, are necessary, sharing of experiences, assessments which examine their potentialities and limits. All these things are obtained only through moments of in-depth analysis. The seminars are intended to explain how one must set off in a project and why. They also serve to bring together people who appreciate the Whymap philosophy, to unite them. Unity is strength, and seeing that the effect of the Whymap is to introduce greater efficiency and harmony into the world, the more people binding together in the Whymap philosophy the greater the happiness in the world.

To internalise the Whymap is the first step in order to become an instructor, to collaborate with expert teachers, to follow pupils, to go more deeply into aspects of the Whymap that are not yet evident.

The instructors are very important, because we believe that this diagram can become a useful instrument of social change, helping people to understand what direction to go in and why. All those who wish to participate in this project of dissemination are welcome.

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