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Social Psychology

Teamwork done right: New study sheds light on how to avoid destructive conflict

Experts agree that when it comes to teamwork, constructive conflict can result in better decisions and performance. When teams develop ideas together, debate differing perspectives, and synthesize those perspectives, the resulting group decision is often superior to a decision made by one person. But what about destructive conflict – when personalities clash, rivalries erupt, emotions flare, and the whole dynamic turns bad?

Social Psychology

New research by economists at the Universities of Warwick and Oxford has provided surprising information on just how much people hate a winner. It also shows what lengths human beings are prepared to go to damage a winner out of a sense of envy or fairness.


How The Brain Interprets The Intent Of Others

Two Dartmouth researchers have learned more about how the human brain interprets the actions and intentions of others.

Social Psychology

Why teens take risks

PARIS - UNPROTECTED sex, wild rides on a motorbike, smoking, drugs or alcohol - the litany of risk-taking by teenagers is famously long. But what drives it? The answer could lie with adolescents' hypersensitivity to signals that unleash dopamine, a powerful brain chemical that underpins the pleasure from a reward, US psychologists suggest.


Being naughty or nice may boost willpower, physical endurance

Psychologist finds both good and evil actions improve performance of a physical task

So that's why Pontius Pilate washed his hands - it can help ease niggling doubts about decisions

If you have made a difficult decision and want to stick to it, go and wash your hands.


The Zeigarnik effect

People remember uncompleted tasks more than completed ones, and try to finish them (like the triangle in the picture)

Strategic Psychology

Damage to Brain's Decision-Making Area May Encourage Dicey Gambles

Imagine you've lost your job. You have some money saved, and a chance to double it with a gamble. But if you lose the bet, you'll forfeit everything. What would you do?


Regular Aerobic Exercise Is Good for the Brain

ScienceDaily (Apr. 26, 2010) — Regular exercise speeds learning and improves blood flow to the brain, according to a new study led by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine that is the first to examine these relationships in a non-human primate model. The findings are available in the journal Neuroscience.


Laugh if you want to stay healthy

Research has found that laughter can help people stay healthy every bit as much as exercise, especially during the aging process.

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