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Body and mind

The guilty all the time generation: How 96% of women feel ashamed at least once a day

If you skipped the gym or forgot to phone your mother this week, you are probably feeling guilty right now. Especially, it seems, if you are a woman.


Politics and Eye Movement: Liberals Focus Their Attention on 'Gaze Cues' Much Differently Than Conservatives Do

ScienceDaily (Dec. 9, 2010) — It goes without saying that conservatives and liberals don't see the world in the same way. Now, research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests that is exactly, and quite literally, the case.

Problem solving

Distance May Be Key in Successful Negotiations, New Study Shows

ScienceDaily (Jan. 18, 2011) — Adding physical distance between people during negotiations may lead to more mutually beneficial outcomes, according to new research from The University of Texas at Austin.

Social Psychology

Unhappy People Watch TV, Happy People Read/Socialize

Newswise — A new study by sociologists at the University of Maryland concludes that unhappy people watch more TV, while people who describe themselves as very happy spend more time reading and socializing. The study appears in the December issue of the journal "Social Indicators Research."

Problem solving

Bonding Over Problems Can Make Women Anxious

It's always nice to have a friend's shoulder to lean on when life gets tough. But a study has found that too much commiserating can be stressful.

Scientific research

Thank You. No, Thank You

Grateful people are happier, healthier long after the leftovers are gobbled up


Study: Tilted Heads Are Hot

A tilt of the head can make both men and women look more attractive, according to a new study.

Problem solving

Mozart quells Christchurch mall violence

A secret weapon has rid Christchurch city centre streets of crime and thuggery: Mozart.


Born to laugh, we learn to cry

Ever wondered how many of our everyday laughs, groans and sighs are instinctive rather than learned from our peers? It now seems that only expressions of laughter and relief are instinctive, whereas other emotional outbursts need to be learned from other people.

Meditation techniques

Study finds the mind is a frequent, but not happy, wanderer

People spend 46.9 percent of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they're doing, and this mind-wandering typically makes them unhappy. So says a study that used an iPhone web app to gather 250,000 data points on subjects' thoughts, feelings, and actions as they went about their lives.

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